Thursday, 12 January 2012

Shower Bashing & Advanced Birthday~~!!

Assalamualaikum semua..and salam sejahtera..~~!!

lama xupdate blog kan? btw, Selamat Tahun Baru wpun dh lmbt but it's still in early January rite?? hehehe...hopefully all the viewers have ur own AZAM.

act, dh lama xupdate blog sbb cuti.. then, xamek order bila bercuti ni and see my new doc at Pusrawi jln Tun Razak..hehehe...after that busy dgn keje. meeting dan meeting..

so, Last week on 7th January my BFFs come to my house for Baby Shower Bashing and celebrate my advanced birthday..  so, we took that day bcoz only that day is available for us!

the thing is............I missed them so much!!!!!  really happy to see them and got all the stories. we spent time together for the whole day....what a really great day! we enjoyed together with the various food and watching tv (Hindustan ok...on tv3) from beginning until the end..... a lot of directors are there.. give some opinion and action. hahahahaha!!

btw, on that day we have our potluck...

Mine : Strawberry Cheese Cake ( request from Gerus a.k.a Karen) , Red Velvet Cupcakes (request from Liza & Ina), Kangkung masak Belacan...

My lovely Husband : Ketam masak Cili. our signature. request from them. 2 kilos or more ok! about 10 crabs dan yg penting besar dan berisi.... kasi licin dgn diorg.

Karen, Liza, Ina : Sphagetti Bolognese, Rendang ayam & nasi Impit, Candy & jelly.

Kak yan : Ice Cream Cream Crush Cookies & Chocolate Marshamallow.

the best part is....the bought for me (act for my Aisy) Fisher Price Baby Rockers & Bib " I love my auntie". Thanks guys!!! i love u so much... btw, there have other story about baby rockers where they act want to find Mclaren brand vote by Karen but they couldn't find at Klang Valley area.. hehehe... Lastly, they give up and agreed with Liza. so, Winner is Liza where she vote for Fisher Price brand..! we both really appreciated.....

so, el tunjukkan the moment we spent together on that day.. enjoy the pic ya!!

Ketam masak Cili

various food from us

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Strawberry Cheese Cake

Candy & Jelly

we together

Baby Bib & board from them..Thanks a lot!!

Ina the workaholic person.. =)

kak yan!

Gerus a.k.a Karen

Liza masterchef!

baby Rockers.... syg la korang!!

ok, take care ya! so, by next week ada order baru lg even xbyk... alhamdulillah...after this end of Feb or early Mac maybe  el akan stop amek order for a while....beri laluan kepada Meniti hari utk bersalin dan Confinement.... around bulan 6 i will active blk la... so, boleh order lg..~~!!

sekiranya ada kemusykilan, sila emel el di or text to me at 012 701 8717. see ya!!

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